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Darryl Bumpass Interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine, Reveals the Significance of Finding True Key to Success

Darryl Bumpass is a renowned Public Speaker and a certified life coach who has inspired countless individuals through his writing and speaking.

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IKnowYouHearMeJanuary 27, 2015, United States– Certified Life Coach and Public Speaker, Darryl Bumpass, and author of the book, “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?” was recently interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine, where he explains the importance of finding the key to success and his methodology as a life coach.During the interview, Darryl recalls how most of his clients are more concerned about making decisions in life, the decisions which could change their personal and professional life. Besides, some of the most common questions which clients ask are “What is my purpose?”, “What is my blueprint or my assignment?” and “Where or how do I start?” According to Darryl, The answer to these questions lies in discovering one’s true assets, which can be the key to success in both personal and professional endeavors.When asked how he helps such individuals and improve their chances for success, Darryl quoted; “Working with a transition life coach or me as motivational speaker the value I bring to an individual or cooperation is pulling out there assets.”Apart from being a Public Speaker, Darryl happens to be an author of the book “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?” which has received rave reviews from readers worldwide. When asked about the true inspiration behind this book, Darryl said; “My inspiration for writing my book “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?” came from the people that have and continue to inspire me on my journey. Inspiration from the passing of my father. the people I surround myself with that help me pull the tools from within that are necessary for me to fulfill my purpose, to stay focus and to be honest with myself.”The book is currently available on Amazon. Click here for a preview.To read the interview in its entirety, simply visit: Business Innovators Magazine.About Darryl Bumpass
Darryl Bumpass is a gifted individual who happens to be a motivational speaker, certified life coach, self-mastery expert, public speaker, author, CEO of Moneta Menswear and a successful fashion designer. With more than three decades of experience as an entrepreneur, motivational expert and leader, Darryl has inspired countless individuals and helped them change their lives through his writing and speaking.Media Contact
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Darryl Bumpass Brings Life Lessons to Open Minds

Successful speaker, author, fashion designer and CEO of two clothing companies now available for speaking engagements

New York, NY (November xx 2014) – It’s a success story that rivals the best Walt Disney film. A young man with a yearning for success in the fashion world overcomes adversities with tenacity and perseverance to become the CEO of two successful clothing companies. Everyone has aspirations of success but all too many people never understand how to set and reach their goals. Is Bumpass just lucky? No, he simply understands the process of self-mastery.

Now Darryl Bumpass is bringing his insightful and resourceful words to the public. As a successful author, CEO and eloquent public speaker, Bumpass can lead you, your business, church or community group a new perspective on attaining success, both personally and professionally. He will discuss strategies to develop practical steps toward achieving ambitions.

Fans of Bumpass have said:

“Thank you for your inspiration, gift of writing, and sincere care for us all. It’s palpable. I’m glad you’ve shared your insight. I will use it. Indeed, I already have.”

“After finishing your book, I feel as if I spent hours with you (it was like a window into your soul, and what a kind and beautiful soul you have!). I am a firm believer that God sends certain people into our lives for specific reasons, and as I was reading your book I felt as if it was a message crafted specifically for me. Each chapter contained a message I needed to hear. I am not ashamed to tell you that my eyes even watered at certain times when you spoke about fear being our biggest obstacles.”

To learn more about Darryl Bumpass, to purchase his book or to schedule a private session or speaking engagement, please visit http://darrylbumpasssr.com


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Darryl Bumpass, Sr., CEO of Moneta Menswear Announces The Release Of His New Motivational Book “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?”

Successful fashion designer and CEO of Moneta Menswear and Bump One Clothing celebrates the release of his motivational self-help book that imparts exceptional insight on prosperity and peace of mind.

New York, Ny (January 10, 2014) – Inspiring a generation with hard-won life lessons that equal a life well-lived Darryl Bumpass, Sr., CEO of Moneta Menswear and Bump One Clothing, announces the launch of his new book entitled, “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?”.  The motivational public speaker and certified life coach writes in a most approachable manner about what it takes to enjoy the process of self-mastery.  Inspirational by all means the self-help book is a quick read poised to change the reader forever if taken with the highest regard.  Dedicated to bolstering how people view the pursuit of their dreams Bumpass is a veritable author, teacher and new-found friend to all who spends a few moments with his resourceful words.

“I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?” will help readers evaluate “where they are on their journey” and thereby “examine the best way to complete the trip” as the book so aptly states.  Subtly sharing with the reader at every hand that indeed they are greater than they think they are the book leaves one with the impression that all limits are self-imposed.  This just happens to be the good news.  Worthily Bumpass states, “The problem in life isn’t receiving answers. The problem is identifying your questions.”

Beginning with the story of how he, with no education in the fashion industry and not so much as one job in clothing sales, turned a dream into two highly successful clothing companies Bumpass gives his reader a leg up with a backstory of perseverance and consistency born of one imperative, tenacity.  Identifying the common issue of standing in one’s own way the author and CEO highlights practical steps toward achieving worthy goals.  He states in the book, “Lack of time, lack of confidence, or lack of ability can never be excuses for standing still.”

Suggesting that readers should challenge themselves to try new experiences and take up new hobbies that prepare them for new goals Bumpass encourages his readers to force themselves to grow.  The motivational author says, “Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work.  We don’t have to know everything or have every piece of the puzzle in place before we start chasing a dream.”  He states that the dream has to start and end with one’s development as a person, “…career-wise, experience-wise and education-wise.”  Having his own biggest lifetime goal, the maintenance of peace of mind, Bumpass says it’s a gift not without adversity.  Adversity he puts his whole weight into as iron sharpens iron.

About Darryl Bumpass, Sr.:

Darryl Bumpass Sr. is the Owner and CEO of Moneta Menswear Collection and Bump One Clothing. A noted motivational speaker and executive producer on various projects Bumpass finds his joy in inspiring others to be greater than they think they can be.  His most recent opportunity to change lives comes in the form of his newly released book, “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening”.

For more information visit http://darrylbumpasssr.com/. For more information about Moneta Menswear click on http://www.monetacollection.com/.  To connect on Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn visit https://www.facebook.com/DarrylBumpassSr, http://www.pinterest.com/bumpasssr/i-know-hear-me-but-are-you-listening/ and http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=154160847&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile respectively.


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