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We had a chance to interview life coach Darryl Bumpass, Sr. on his approach to life coaching.

Targets Setting

We set and achieve goals together

I’m in love with this thing I do, this thing I do is inspiring my clients to fall in love with themselves and to fall in love with life.
I would suggest they read my books (I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening ?) and (We Need To Talk!). I hope my story , my journey will inspire and motivate them to step into blueprint and greatness.
Education is cool, but information is cooler. Information is at your fingertips , you just have to seek it out.
First off I love my clients, my clients biggest challenge is where and how do I start. I tell them they have to “Get Out Of Their Own WAY.” Stop interfering with the blueprint that has been drawn out for you before you were born.
Fear and interfering with the process. When you stop interfering with your blueprint and the process, you begin to see progress.
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