We Need To Talk ! The Monumental Motivational Event

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author ★ Motivational Speaker ★ Certified Life Coach

We-Need-To-Talk-!-3D-webThis motivational speaking event will inspire you and confirm your  beliefs  that certain people are sent  into our lives for specific reasons, and leaves you feeling  as if there message  was crafted specifically for you. Sometimes you just want to hear about other people struggles and journey to empower yourself.

It’s time to Get Out Of Your Own Way.  It’s time to Stop Intefering with the  process and your progress.

New Year,  New You !

The motivational  speaker, #1 bestselling  author and certified life coach  Mr. Darryl Bumpass Sr speaks  in a most approachable manner about what it takes to enjoy the process of self-mastery. Inspirational by all means and  poised to change your life forever. Dedicated to bolstering how people view the pursuit of their dreams Bumpass is a veritable author, teacher and new-found friend to all who spends a few moments with his resourceful words.”  

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Inspirational speaker who can engage, empower, inspire and motivate  people.

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