Your 3min Intro to Life Coaching – Common Myths About Life Coaching (Part 2)

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3) Coaching is not mentoring

Mentors have a certain experience and ask you to follow their know-how and success. They teach you what they lived through. They’ve been in your shoes. What works for me as a person and coach may be different for you. Coaches never impose their beliefs on you.

You’ll learn to know yourself — discovering what works for you; applying it to your full benefit.

Coaching creates a context where people regularly work on the most important issues of their lives. Coaching functions on a process level to help people understand who and where they are in their lives.


4) Coaching is not advice

People love to give advice, but they’re not a trained professional coach, and the “here’s what you do” approach doesn’t get to the heart of change. It’s their answer for you.

Your personal coach listens deeply without judging you or giving advice. All the answers are in you.

Coaches help people set better goals and then reach those goals, ask their clients to do more than they would have done on their own, help their clients to focus better so as to produce results more quickly, provide clients with tools, support, and structure to accomplish more.


5) Coaching is not professional sports coaching

It’s not about ego, the “I” win competition mindset of beating out someone else, but rather to have everyone win, all the way around and always to do your best.

You’ll gain fortitude through coaching. The more you know yourself and your purpose in life, the more stable, resilient and confident you’ll be.

Coaches anchor people to their own internal strengths; they inspire organizations to dream beyond their plans. They apply emotional and intellectual intelligence to the long haul of life and work. Coaches facilitate the change that clients need as they prepare to face the future with strength and optimism.

As with many other modalities like therapy, consulting, and mentoring there are some myths surrounding life coaching. We attempt below to demystify those myths.


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