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Self Investment Expert.

I help people get out of their own way.

(Life coach, life therapist,  Speaker, Bestselling Author and business coach)


Certified Life Coach

“This life coach, life therapist,  business coach,  speaker and bestselling author, speaks,  writes and coaches  in a most approachable manner about what it takes to enjoy the process of self-mastery. Inspirational by all means his self-help books and life coaching  stratergies  are  quick to change his clients lives forever. Dedicated to bolstering how people view the pursuit of their dreams Mr. Bumpass is a veritable author, teacher and new-found friend to all who spends a few moments with his resourceful words.”

30+ years of Entrepreneurship, Leadership , Business, Life coach, and  Motivational Speaking experience in diverse industries and functions repeatedly yielding exceptional results.



Stop waiting, start creating!

You Need An Income,
Not A Job!

Do you want to get paid, or do you want to make money? Go touch your dreams. Dive into this self- development building book to learn how to enlighten yourself on becoming a more successful you.
The magic of uncertainty.

How To Become Motivated In A Coronavirus Pandemic

I will help you find a way to get rid of the weight of the world on our shoulders and become motivated to push forward in our journey of life.
Leadership Course

Your Way to Success

You will learn how to organize yourself and your team on a way to business goals.

Useful Materials

We use present-day examples and schemes to give you practical skills.
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Modern Strategies

We are extremely proud to offer our clients the newest business approach.
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Constant Support

Our professional business coach is always ready to assist you 24/7.
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Hello sir I read your profile and I can’t lie it feel like you were in my head and most of all my world. Man thats crazy, any way trying to be that best man, father and son that I can be. Can’t say its easy but I’m leaving the stress at Gods front door […]

Trying to be that best man, father and son that I can be

Thank you for your inspiration, gift of writing, and sincere care for us all. It’s palpable. I’m glad you’ve shared your insight. I will use it. Indeed, I already have.

Tammi Lynne – California

Investing in this guy is worth it

DeNeil – New York


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The magic of uncertainty.

Become Motivated Thru Pandemic

We are happy to help you with all the business management and leading issues.

The best lectures, training courses and world famous speakers’ performances are thoroughly chosen for our clients to learn and practice.