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You Need An Income, Not A Job!

Do you want to get paid, or do you want to make money? Go touch your dreams. Dive into this self- development building book to learn how to enlighten yourself on becoming a more successful you.
The Magic Of Uncertainty

How To Become Motivated In A Coronavirus Pandemic

Bestselling author, self investment speaker, and certified life and motivation coach Darryl Bumpass Sr cuts through the uncertainty of living during a global Coronavirus Pandemic. In, How To Become Motivated in a Coronavirus Pandemic, Darryl provides readers with the tools they need to be reminded that we didn’t come this far to fall into a space of depression.
improve yourself

We need to talk! Stop interfering.

Self-Investment Speaker Darryl Bumpass Sr, takes you on the road to discovery. The Universe is constantly shifting and changing, and we shift with it. What matters is what side of the shift we want to be on.
The Process Of Making Progress

Mr. & Mrs. Distraction

Another life-changing classic from #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Darryl Bumpass Sr.Tired of crying yourself to sleep?Tired of making the same mistakes over and over?With over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, leadership and motivational speaking, Darryl Bumpass Sr. lays down the ultimate crash guide to changing your life.
The Doorway To A Peace Of Mind

I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?

I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening? Darryl Bumpass Sr., the motivational public speaker and certified life coach, writes in a most approachable manner about what it takes to enjoy the process of self-mastery.