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Dear Mr.Bumpass

I would like to Thank You for your time spent with us students at New Rochelle High School. It was extremely interesting to hear the business that goes hand and hand with the fashion industry. It was especially meant a lot to me listening to someone that is fervent about the industry, even if it comes along with some cantankerous attitudes but you also have the charismatic people that make you even love what you’re doing even more. That’s what you helped me understand no matter what I want that if I strive to get it I can have it despite what people tell me I just have to want it enough. Thank You again and hope to see you in the future.


Hello Darryl,

My name is Emre. I’ve been following you for a year now and your posts, shares are a source of inspiration for me. I’m 17 years old and I opened my own digital marketing agency. I was inspired by you, making me very happy, and I want to thank you for this. If you have time I want to ask you a question.
You are a more experienced, wise person than me. Beside my company I also give speeches at universities (I always talk about you and your works when I give a speech) .

Thank you


Digital Marketing Agency

I have known Darryl to be one of the best ever motivational speakers I have ever known. I connected with him on LinkedIn a few years back and have struck several conversations with him on motivation, people management, public speaking and Learning & Development strategies at workplace. He has guided & mentored me on several HR related subjects at workplace and has been a true inspiration. I look up to him whenever I need a Friend, philosopher & guide. He has a sharp wit and a subtle intellect coupled with spontaneous humor which makes him everyone’s favorite. His training programs are quite different & substantial and possess content that transforms individuals from within. His experience about matters of life, happiness and relationships goes very deep and all his motivational ideas reflect the joy of thinking from one’s heart and not just one’s mind. I highly recommend him to any organization that is seeking association with someone truly influential, ethical and professional at his business. Best Regards, Nandini

Nandini A.

Consultant | HR & Recruitment, Talent Canvas

Darryl is one of the most talented professional speakers, and it’s clear that he draws his motivation from an inner strength that money can’t buy.

Sharon Carr

Managing Director, Nazak Associates

We were really pleased with your performance. You really connected with my employees.

Ivan Bulut

Independent Mobile Game Developer/Publisher

Spellbound, entertained and inspired are just a few of the words that immediately come to mind when thinking of Darryl Bumpass and the impact he has with audiences.

Sharon Jacobs

Managing Director, Angkasa Boice

Darryl is more than a motivational speaker.

Becky Adams

CEO/Founder, Mahligai Publishing Services