Is This For You?

Do you see yourself in any of these examples?

  1. I don’t know what I want. Nothing really interests me but I need to do something.
  2. My life is a runaway train. My work has taken over everything. My relationships are a disaster, my health is going down the tubes. I’m possessed and obsessed with money and success. What a mess my life is.
  3. I know exactly what I want but I need someone to bounce my ideas off of. I could use a brainstorming partner, a sounding board and a partner to keep me focused and accountable.
  4. I have so many ideas I feel scattered. If I could just get a clear picture I know I could hit the ground running.
  5. I think about changing careers but maybe there’s another way. I need to get clear about this.
  6. I’m losing my job which has been so much a part of who I am. I don’t know what I will do or even who I will be without this.

You’re my ideal kind of client if you want to…

  1. Take personal responsibility for your life experience
  2. Want to live mindfully with greater meaning and purpose
  3. Desire to serve and be as productive as possible at any age
  4. Feel inspired by co-creative ventures with like-minded people
  5. Have the ability (even if it’s not showing now) to be focused on tasks
  6. Are not afraid of money
  7. Hold high ethical values
  8. Are not afraid of people
  9. Enjoy brainstorming
  10. Seek open feedback and are open-minded
  11. Want more self-awareness
  12. Enjoy being original and creative
  13. Share personal stories
  14. Have interesting backgrounds, interests and ideas
  15. Have a willingness to tend to health and self-care
  16. You have, at some point in your life, experienced an awakening no matter how fleeting or prolonged; an experience that gave a glimpse into life’s bigger picture.

You don't see yourself listed in the examples?

We’ll find out if I’m the coach for you.

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We’ll find out if I’m the coach for you.